Ways you can support the NGOs you like

Here are the best ways you can support the NGOs you like:

NGOs or Non-Governmental Organizations work day and night for the welfare of the people. They take support from the people and rely on funds from the people to function properly.

Different NGOs operate under various categories, but an NGOs collective aim is charity and welfare. It is also called as a “nonprofit organization”. There are many NGOs operating in different parts of the city. Each NGO has got its own set of goals, from saving children to rescuing girls from trafficking and girl child education.etc

The very first step in helping an NGO is identifying the nonprofit organization or a cause you can connect with. After identifying and connecting with the organization and the cause, here are some good ways by which you can support it:

1) Donations:

This is the first and the obvious method by which you can show your support. Donating towards the cause/NGO so that the beneficiary can use the funds for the cause. You can donate online to NGOs who work on similar causes or offline if you think the NGO is worthy. When it comes to online, there are many crowdfunding platforms like Milaap, who raise funds for various charitable causes. Log on to Milaap, choose a cause which you’d like to support and donate.

2) Volunteering:

If you’ve already shown support by donating money, and don’t know what else to be done, you can volunteer. Any NGO in this world requires mainly two things: Volunteers and funding. As a volunteer for the NGO, you can work at the ground level helping them manage campaigns and events. Some NGOs distribute food among the poor. One can register as a volunteer and either help in preparing the meal or help in distributing among the needy. Manpower is needed for these tasks and you can help.

3) Freelancing with an NGO:

You might have a skill in designing, or you have skills in website making.etc you can do freelancing for an NGO in your free time. NGOs are often in need of designers who can design banners for them. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your skills and to learn to deliver your work in a stipulated time period.

Alternatively, you can help NGOs in getting funding.etc

4) Fundraising on Behalf Of NGO:

What’s more beneficial to the NGO, If a supporter is trying to raise funds on the NGOs behalf. An NGO can never have surplus funds. You can try different methods of fundraising to raise funds or you can raise funds online as well. You can approach your family and friends who are willing to donate then move on to social media for spreading the word. This is called crowdfunding and crowdfunding is one of the efficient ways of raising funds.

You can also team up with other like-minded people who are willing to contribute like you and organize a fundraising event. There are various events one can organize, where you can showcase the work done by the NGO.

5) Publicize!

The more vocal you are, the more you can benefit the NGO. Start interacting with people about the work the NGO does. You can spread the word among your friends and family. You can write about NGO in your social media posts and leverage platforms such as Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook to publicize. Operating an NGO is not a one-man job, it is the collective job of like-minded people who want to bring a change in the society. To be the pillar of social justice.

As Gandhi Ji said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”

So, go ahead! be the change you wish to see and contribute in shaping the societ

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