Tulsi Seeds

Tulsi Seeds Bloom to Become the Next Miracle Tea Herbs
The sacred herb from India, Tulsi (L. Ocimum Sanctum) served many uses to the people over the years. It is known to have miraculous therapeutic effects to numerous ailments. It is popularly known for its antihistiminic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and adaptogenic effects that came from its active components.

There are various preparations of the medicinal plant-each of which depends on what kind of illness a person has.  It is taken in diffierent ways as per a specific disease as well. It is widely known not only for its healing benefits but also for its good luck.

The tulsi seeds germinate in watered and warm soil. You can sow this in the surface of a soil in a garden and watch it grow in as fast as one to two weeks. Its growth highly depends on sunlight, water, and rich soil. Place it in front of the house and it is believed to bring good luck. The uses of the seeds are almost often combined with the other parts of the plants such as the leaves and the roots. They may be used as prophylaxis in endemic diseases like malaria, influenza, and cholera.

More specifically, Tulsi seeds are helpful in the following ailments: For one, the seeds relieve after-delivery pains. It is taken per orem after soaking it in water, crushing, and mixing it with sugar. Another Tulsi seeds’ gift to women is that it helps resolve menstrual irregularity problems. Ground Tulsi seeds soaked overnight will help prevent nocturnal emissions for men. It also aids in fertility. Wounds and skin ulcers can be healed through applying ground Tulsi seeds with a little water making it a paste.

Reseach shows that the seeds are also effective in curing venereal diseases, dysuria (painful urination), nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), muscular pain, and indigestion. It is also beneficial to persons with prickly heat and other skin problems.

And then again, studies show that the use Tulsi seeds are highly effective and generally safe. The wonders that the Tulsi seed can do cannot be denied. With no reported adverse effects, it would not be a surprise if it will be “the next big seed.”

However,  always keep in mind that no matter how safe this wonderful gift of nature is said to be, it is advised that you do your own researches, make some efforts (like what you’re doing right now) and even find time to ask a reliable health care personnel to help you decide. after all, the safest thing to do is to be safe at all times.

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