Tulsi Herb

Botanical and Medicinal

Why Should You Drink Tulsi Herbal Teas?

Holy Basil, or Tulsi, is an important symbol in the Hindu religion and it is a significant herb in ayurvedic medicine. Tulsi Herb has been used for thousands of years as a prime herb in alternative medicine that is also believed to be a religious plant seen in their homes and temples, and the leaves are important parts of their meditation, praise and worship.

The unique biochemistry and biology of Tulsi is extremely complex. Tulsi is made up of a huge selection of beneficial compounds referred to as phytochemicals. Functioning collectively, these kinds of organic compounds possess powerful free radical cleansing, antibacterial, antiviral, adaptogenic, and immune-enhancing attributes that promote overall health and wellbeing that support the body’s natural defense against stress and illnesses. The fundamental oils in the leaves of Tulsi, which give rise to the particular fragrance and refreshing flavor of Tulsi Tea, are particularly a rich source of valuable phytochemicals.

Used in ayurvedic medicine for common colds, flu, headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation, heart disease, various forms of poisoning, and malaria, Tulsi Herb is considered an adaptogen, which means that it assists the body adapt to stress (environmental, physical, or chemical), restore balance in the body, and normalize body functions.

And as it is currently being studied for its beneficial properties and health benefits, Tulsi herb has been found to be an effective weapon against the high risks of certain for cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, stress, wound healing, the immune system, inflammations, liver support and protection, hypoglycemic conditions, ulcers, digestion, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, radiation poisoning, cataracts, the memory, respiratory system, urinary problems, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.

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This healthy beverage also helps in your efforts to achieve better complexion, smoother and glowing skin, as well as making you feel younger, healthier and happier.

Drinking a cup or two, Tulsi herbal tea makes your daily intakes a lot healthier. Its unique and distinct properties make its tea variety more delightful, flavorful and aromatic – such a perfect blend. So, have some great cups of Tulsi tea today and breathe in the new you because with this Tulsi herb, you can be more confidently beautiful inside and out. Enjoy

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