Tulsi Extract

What It Is and What It Does

Tulsi, in Sanskrit, means “the incomparable one.” It is a plant which originated in India and is termed as the Queen of all Herbs since it is believed to be a sacred herb. Tulsi, ocimum sanctum in Latin, is likewise known as the Holy Basil. It is native to tropical regions with eugenol as the major active component of its volatile oil.


Other active constituents of tulsi are caryophylline, eugenal, carvacrol, methylchavicol, and lemantrol-each one contributing to its healing and soothing effects. Crystallizing the oleoresin which is formed from the alcoholic extraction of the plant forms Tulsi Extract-an herbal concentration of many benefits and beliefs.

Scientific investigations show that Tulsi extract possesses antimicrobial, antihistiminic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. When you are experiencing a certain illness, you may drink a decoction (concentration of boiled leaves of a plant) to ease the pain and relieve you from symptoms.

More specifically, its antihistiminic and anti-inflammatory components will help during asthma attacks an in other minor respiratory disorders. Its antioxidant properties prevent cell damage caused by free radicals which lowers your risk of developing certain cancers. Recent studies also show that Tulsi extract is able to heal common ailments such as fever and colds, remove catarrhal matter, and sharpen one’s memory.

In addition, Tulsi extract has immune-enhancing elements that aid in protecting our body’s defenses and is believed to be adaptogenic wherein it facilitates the adaptation of the mind and body to stress enabling one to efficiently cope up with stressors. It is can also purify the atmosphere and to protect the skin.

More advantage of the Tulsi extract is that it contains magnesium keeping the blood vessels of the heart healthy plus it aids in digestion and prevents parasitic infestations.   Research indicates that it is considered safe for use for children above two years and for pregnant and lactating women. No adverse effects were reported thus making the researchers conclude it to be generally safe.

Tulsi Extract makes wonders in today’s society. It is truly amazing how a simple herb can cure numerous diseases in one’s body, enhance coping ability, and shield you from illness.

Those that come from nature are often way better than those commercially prepared and chemically preserved. Though Tulsi extract is considered safe for use, it is always best to consult your professional health provider before taking any herbal medications.

Truly, this is indeed good for you as well as your loved ones, families, relative and friends. So if you have already realized how amazing this herbal tea can be, buy Tulsi tea online today and experience the wonders and goodness of this amazing Tulsi Extract. Thumbs-up!

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