How much Tulsi should I take?

Tulsi is a plant with a high medicinal value. It is mostly grown in India and other tropical areas. In the Western world, it is called the Holy Basil plant.


Indians use this plant both as a healing agent and also in their culture. You will realize that it is a plant that can’t miss in almost all households. It is the responsibility of women to take care of this plant.

The name Tulsi means one that cannot be compared with another. For this reason, it plays both a religious and cultural role, besides aiding in improving health conditions.

Uses of the Tulsi plant

Health problems can be depressing sometimes. You might find yourself going to certain extents in an attempt to find a solution to your health hazard. Tulsi plant plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy long life.


  • Kidney stones


Fatal illness like kidney stones can be easily eliminated by taking Tulsi.


  • Coughs and Cold


Tulsi plant helps to fight cold thanks to its antiviral and antibacterial characteristics. It prevents the viruses and bacteria from growing.


  • It is a delicious cooking herb


Can you imagine taking healthy flavored meal? That is possible when you consume the Tulsi plant.


  • It relieves the body from stress


How do you respond to stress? Tulsi plant can deal well with the negative downsides of stress. It brightens up your spirit making you feel well even things don’t seem to work out.


  • It can cure arthritis and swelling joints


Tulsi plant is an anti-inflammatory agent and also an anti-oxidant. Such properties make it useful to cure swelling joints and arthritis.

How much Tulsi should you take?

You need to know that Tulsi comes in various forms. It can be a fresh herb or individual extracts.

You can get fresh herbs in specific garden centres, and you can alternatively plant it in your home. No specific dosage is recommended for fresh herbs because it is not easy to consume abundant amounts.

The dried Tulsi

It easy to get dried version of Tulsi in tea bugs. It recommended that you should take 2g of Tulsi two times a day.

The right dosage for most products is 300-600mg. You can also follow directions indicated on the label.

Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

It is recommended that pregnant women and nursing mothers to consult a doctor before using Tulsi leaves. If a pregnant woman takes Tulsi leaves without advice from the doctor, she might experience unusual contractions which are not supposed to be there.

Diabetic patients

You might feel excited to use Tulsi tea if you have diabetes. It is true that Tulsi leaves lower blood sugar levels. However, this does not mean that it is right for you. Sometimes when you take Tulsi leaves alongside with other medications you might suffer from Hypoglycemia.

Consult your doctor before using it.

If you take this plant as recommended by experts, you are likely to live a healthy life.


As you can see, the amount of Tulsi you should take depends on various factors. Sometimes you don’ need to consume it if you are under certain drugs. Precisely, you should seek medical advice before taking Tulsi plant.

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