6 Startling side effects of Tulsi Tea

You might have heard or found out the health benefits of Tulsi tea. There is no doubt that this plant has medicinal value to your body. However, you might not be aware of some of its unexpected side effects.


What is Tulsi tea?


According to studies, Tulsi tea is also called holy basil. It is a herb with medicinal value. Tulsi tea is mostly used in India in religious ceremonies, and it also aids to treat different ailments.


What can Tulsi tea do your health?


As you take Tulsi tea, you might have noticed some positive side effects. Here are some of the positive things that Tulsi tea can do to your body.



  • It improves your immunity



Tulsi Tea has natural antioxidants. The presence of antioxidants prevents your body from other diseases like colds and also warns off the ones present in your body.



  • Does stress overtake you?



Tulsi tea is known to be a stress reliever. It provides a sense of relaxation in your body.



  • It aids in weight loss



I know you will like this one. Tulsi tea improves digestion and creates strong metabolism. With improved metabolic rate in your body, you are likely to lose weight.



  • It regulates blood sugar



If you have abnormal blood sugar level in your body, Tulsi tea aids to bring it back to normal. For this reason, it can be used to treat diabetes.


In 1997, the University of Baroda did some research regarding Tulsi leaves. They found out that Tulsi tea reduced the blood sugar levels in diabetic rats.



  • Prevents mouth ulcers



Are you suffering from Ulcers? Studies conducted in 2003 in Delhi by a College of Medical Sciences showed that Tulsi tea reduced Ulcer index.


The outcome revealed that Tulsi tea increased the quantity of protective mucus produced by the digestive system.


From the above assumptions, you can see that Tulsi tea can amazingly boost your health. However, there is something you don’t know. Tulsi tea has some adverse side effects.


What are the unexpected downsides of Tulsi tea?

Find out below.


Tulsi tea has adverse side effects if consumed inappropriately. Too much of it in your body can result to:



  • Eugenol overdose



Tulsi tea contains an ingredient called Eugenol. When you excessively consume Tulsi tea, you might suffer from Eugenol overdose.


Excess Eugenol in your body can result in poisoning. Cigarettes and other food flavors have Eugenol.


Symptoms of excessive Eugenol


– Coughing blood.

– Blood in urine.

– Quick breathing.



  • Infertility



Infertility is a side effect that occurs mostly in males.




According to tests conducted on male rabbits, the rabbits which were given Tulsi leaves for 30 days had less sperm count.



  • Blood thinning



If you take Tulsi tea with other clotting medications, you might suffer from blood thinning. Blood thinning medications such as heparin and warfarin should not be taken together with Tulsi tea.


Symptoms of blood thinning


– Extended periods of bleeding.



  • Hypoglycemia



Hypoglycemia is a situation where the blood sugar levels are abnormally low. People with high levels of blood sugar take Tulsi tea to lower them. If you have diabetes and take Tulsi tea, you might suffer from extreme reduction of blood sugar level.


Symptoms of Hypoglycemia


– Weakness

– Irritability

– Hunger



  • Reaction during pregnancy



What happens if a pregnant woman takes too much Tulsi tea? I know that pregnant women might crave for Tulsi tea and consume too much of it. It might affect both the baby and the mother.


A pregnant woman might also experience bleeding and contractions.


Symptoms of these reactions


– Cramps

– Backache

– Diarrhea

– Bleeding



  • Drug relations



If you take too much Tulsi tea, it might obstruct the way your body responds to particular medicines.


Drugs like Scopolamine and Diazepam prevent or reduce anxiety and nausea. Tulsi tea might tamper with the anaesthetic effects of these drugs.




– Nausea

– Headache

– Heartburn


The above side effects are some of the negative downsides you might experience when you consume too much of Tulsi tea. Conversely, you should not be afraid of taking Tulsi tea.


The bottom-line is whether you consume it moderately or excessively. Have you ever dealt with any downsides of Tulsi tea? You can share your experience.

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